Flanders proposes 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas

Flanders proposes 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas
Credit: Belga

Flanders is proposing a 30 km/h limit on all roads that are primarily used for residential purposes, according to a newly-presented "assessment framework" that aims to help local authorities decide on speed limits.

The proposal follows the recently-released data by road safety institute VIAS, which show an increase in fatal road accidents involving passenger cars and pedestrians and cyclists.

"I have repeatedly stated that I am not in favour of imposing a general speed limit of 30 km/h in built-up areas," said Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters in a press release on Wednesday. "For me, subsidiarity is important: local authorities know their own territory and are best placed to determine what speed limits are acceptable."

For roads that primarily serve motorised vehicles, the assessment framework proposes 50 km/h. However, this requires sufficient safe infrastructure for active road users, such as raised cycle paths. The aim is to provide cities and municipalities with a framework that helps them to determine where a 30 km/h zone is desirable and feasible.

"A clear speed policy with a credible speed limit remains important in order to create sufficient support," said Peeters. Consultation and coordination with the various partners is crucial, she stressed. "From our road safety policy, we want to work towards safe road users, safe roads, safe vehicles and safe speeds."

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