Vandenbroucke wants to tighten rules for Covid Safe Ticket

Vandenbroucke wants to tighten rules for Covid Safe Ticket
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Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke wants to tighten the rules concerning the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) by making them available only to those who have been vaccinated: a negative test would no longer qualify.

Earlier studies proved that a so-called 2G policy (only allowing those who are vaccinated or recovered access to places or events) could prevent many infections, Vandenbroucke said in Canvas programme ‘Op Slot’ which will be broadcast tonight.

“Saying that you only accept a vaccination certificate rather than a negative test result as well will essentially put more leverage on getting vaccinated,” he said. “This is already happening in a number of other countries.”

Reflecting on the introduction of the CST – required for events from mid-August and for the hospitality industry since November – Vandenbroucke said that the tool could have been implemented sooner.

“This should have been a general rule from the beginning of the summer. At a time when you still had to convince many people to be vaccinated quickly, it would certainly have helped to achieve the vaccination rate more quickly.”

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In recent months, Vandenbroucke has also become more and more convinced that a general vaccine obligation is necessary. “This can take different forms,” he stressed, adding that mandatory vaccination should definitely be debated democratically before anything is decided.

“By only accepting a vaccination certificate, you take away a number of possibilities from people who take serious risks for themselves, for the people around them and for the healthcare system,” Vandenbroucke said. “On principle, I have no problems with that at all.”

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