Covid vaccination certificate must be downloaded again after booster dose

Covid vaccination certificate must be downloaded again after booster dose
The CST will no longer be needed to gain access to cafes, restaurants and other places. Credit: Belga

Those who have received their booster dose will have to download their vaccination certificate again in the CovidSafeBE app, as it does not appear automatically, said the Digital Flanders agency.

To download the certificate for your booster dose, you have to press the "Check for new certificates" button at the bottom of the app, and register via Itsme or eHealth.

The certificate will be available in the app within two to seven days after registration. They can also be downloaded from the websites Mijn Burgerprofiel (only in Flanders), My Health, MyHealthViewer or Helena.

Requesting the certificate is also possible by mail or via the automatic menu of the helpdesk at 078/78 78 50 (Flanders), 02/214 19 19 (Brussels) or 071/31 34 93 (Wallonia).

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The Covid certificates were designed to facilitate safe travelling within the European Union during the pandemic and to prove that someone is fully vaccinated, has recently tested negative or recovered from an infection in the past six months.

Some European countries, such as Austria, are already asking incoming travellers for the certificate of their booster vaccination.

Last week, more than 1 million vaccination invitations were sent out for a booster dose. More than 7.3 million Belgians use the CovidSafeBE app.

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