Commuter bosses resist Covid call to halve passenger volumes

Commuter bosses resist Covid call to halve passenger volumes
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Public transport authorities pushed back Thursday a pending government ruling on a bid to halve passenger capacity under new anti-virus restrictions.

“Discussions are ongoing with the (regional government’s) Mobility Cabinet,” said Cindy Arents, spokeswoman for the city region’s metro, tram and bus network STIB.

“We are not about to comment on hypothetical recommendations before the Consultative Committee has taken any decision,” she underlined of talks chaired by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

In the latest report by the group of experts advising the Government given to ministers, new recommendations to counter the boom of Omicron infections include halving the number of passengers on public transport and increasing ventilation. 

However, an official source told The Brussels Times that the virologist-driven demand was “a case of floating drastic changes in the hope of winning concessions elsewhere.” 

According to transport chiefs, the virus expert group’s proposals were “technically impossible, incoherent when faced with the public sanitation policing they would require and something not one single country has implemented.”

Around one half of Brussels residents are regular auto users.

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