Covid Safe Ticket scam: Officials warn of phishing email

Covid Safe Ticket scam: Officials warn of phishing email
The CST will no longer be needed to gain access to cafes, restaurants and other places. Credit: Belga

Belgian officials have alerted the public to a new phishing scam that offers to provide Covid Safe-Ticket (CST) for a fee.

However, nobody should pay for the CST, which functions via an app that can be downloaded for free. In the autumn when the CST launched, scammers tried to cash in on the requirement by offering fake versions for a fee, The Brussels Times previously reported.

Translation: Paying for a covid certificate? Nonsense! Beware of phishing emails that seem to be sent from the eBox. Thinking carefully about the message is and remains a good tip for recognising phishing!

The scam email appears legitimate because it purports to be sent from the platform used by government agencies such as the Tax Office.

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Official government emails always are addressed to recipients with their name (“Dear Sir/Madam” followed by your first name and surname. However, phishing emails often address the recipient as “Dear Sir/Madam” without a name or “Dear citizen.”

Also, official government emails never ask the recipient to share bank account data or other personal information. Anyone who receives a suspicious email is asked to report it on the safeoneweb platform.

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