Minister seeks to remove Russia Today from Flemish TVs

Minister seeks to remove Russia Today from Flemish TVs
Media Minister Benjamin Dalle

Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle said on Sunday he contacted the Flemish media watchdog VRM to cancel the broadcasts of Russia Today (RT) in Flanders.

In Flanders, RT can be viewed on Telenet. Dalle cited the fact that the channel is spreading propaganda and false claims about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine as a reason for RT's broadcasts to be cancelled.

"I have just asked the Flemish media regulator to do everything in its power to stop the broadcasts of the television station Russia Today," he wrote on Twitter.

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"They are spreading disinformation and propaganda, a powerful weapon of war. We cannot tolerate this."

In a letter to the VRM, he said it is clear they are spreading false information in support of the Russian strategy in the armed conflict in Ukraine. "Therefore, I am of the opinion that we can no longer accept RT being distributed by our service providers," the letter read.

Dalle has also written a letter to the European authorities and the British government to take Russia Today off their airwaves as well.

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