Temporary solution sought for bicycle highway that abruptly ends at Brussels border

Temporary solution sought for bicycle highway that abruptly ends at Brussels border
The new two-way cycle path along Terhulpensesteenweg. Photo from wegenenverkeer.be.

The federal investment fund for Brussels, Beliris, is looking into a temporary solution for a Flemish cycling highway along Terhulpensesteenweg that abruptly ends at the regional border with Brussels, whereupon it turns into a bumpy, overgrown footpath.

The path was constructed in recent months, but work on the Brussels section is currently only scheduled to begin in 2026, Bruzz reports, meaning the definitive bicycle infrastructure along the stretch of road in Watermael-Boitsfort will have to wait at least another four years.

Beliris is still working on the study phase of the project, which also includes an ecoduct, but the call for at least a temporary solution is getting louder.

Temporary solution to bridge four-year gap in construction plans

Beliris now says it’s open to a local resident’s proposal to look for that, “but it is not so simple. During the study phase, tests will have to be carried out in the verges in front of the bridge abutments of the ecoduct. A wooden construction for a temporary cycle path would be an obstacle.”

“Our project manager will discuss the possibility next week with her department head and investigate whether this or another temporary solution would be feasible, both technically and financially.”

Beliris stressed that the project was only assigned to the organisation last year, and is therefore still in its early stages.

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“After the studies have been carried out, the permit will be applied for and a contractor will be sought,” they said.

For the actual construction, money will only be provided next year: €4.7 million for the ecoduct and about €2 million for the bicycle path. The studies are expected to cost €800,000.

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