Construction started on 'super battery' near Antwerp

Construction started on 'super battery' near Antwerp
Credit: Belga

Nyrstar, a global metal business, started work on 10 March on the construction of a “super battery” at its headquarters in Balen, Antwerp, according to a company statement.

The 25 megawatt battery will store and reinject electricity back into the Belgian energy grid, save electricity when demand is low, and release it when it is high.

Developed by Nala Renewables, the project to build the battery has attracted €30 million in investment, including €1 million from the government of Finland.

The battery, once complete, will be able to power up to 100,000 households for up to one hour. The size of the battery is reportedly huge, equivalent to the size of 24 shipping containers. It will be one of the largest batteries in Europe.

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The ultimate goal of the battery is to maintain and improve the stability of the power grid.

Belgium is a leader in the use of batteries to store electricity. This energy-saving tool is even being used in homes. Belgium was one of the first countries in the world to offer subsidies for small scale domestic batteries. This allows households to save energy at times when power is more affordable and save it for peak hours of usage.

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