UN adopts resolution to encourage cycling to combat global warming

UN adopts resolution to encourage cycling to combat global warming
A woman cycling in the Netherlands. Credit: Unsplash

The 193 members of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution proposed by Turkmenistan on Tuesday to promote cycling.

It seems that the world is ready to walk, or cycle, in the footsteps of cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, famed for their popularity of cycling.

The non-binding bill calls “on all member states to integrate cycling into public transport, in urban and rural settings in developing and developed countries".

In order to achieve sustainable development and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, the resolution asks member-states to “improve road safety and promote the use of bicycles by individuals and businesses.”

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The resolution encourages new strategies, including bike-sharing services. Additionally, the proposal recommends developing policies to promote “cycling network infrastructure that connects communities.”

UN figures suggest that the global transport sector contributes to a quarter of all energy-related CO2 emissions. However, the organisation stresses that increased cycling would lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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