Heating oil suppliers flooded by calls about €200 reduction on bills

Heating oil suppliers flooded by calls about €200 reduction on bills
Credit: Belga

Heating oil suppliers have been overwhelmed with calls since the Federal Government announced that every household in Belgium will receive a €200 reduction on their heating bill to soften the blow of record-high energy prices.

Tuesday’s newly announced measures to combat high energy bills included a €200 reduction of households’ heating bill, applying to all households that use oil, propane or butane for heating.

Heating oil suppliers have since been flooded by calls with questions from customers. As energy bills spiral, Belgians are increasingly concerned about their bills and the number of repayment plans for energy bills has increased by more than half.

But Johan Mattart, director of the federation of fuel traders Brafco, stated that it is “useless to contact suppliers concerning the reduction on heating oil”, as the modalities have not yet been defined.

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The cabinet of Economy Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne will discuss the terms of the measure on Wednesday afternoon.

The federation said that “the important thing is that this fuel oil check is fair and impervious to fraud, that traders do not have to pre-finance it and that the administrative burden is as low as possible”.

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