Reconnecting Belgians: bpost launches free postcard campaign

Reconnecting Belgians: bpost launches free postcard campaign
Credit: bpost

Belgian postal service bpost has launched a free postcard campaign to reconnect people in the country and issued a new stamp to draw attention to the theme of loneliness.

The campaign, titled "Yearning for connection", aims to start a conversation on the desire for connection and the sense of loneliness if this desire is not met, which has affected an increasing number of people as a result of the pandemic in the last two years, but remains a taboo subject.

Every resident of the country will be offered two free personalised photo Mobile Postcards to be sent to "someone who could use a lift" between 21 and 31 March.

“The bonds between people are essential. We are proud to be able to strengthen those bonds,” Dirk Tirez, CEO of bpost group, said.

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The cards can be sent by downloading the free Mobile Postcard app, taking a picture, adding a message and the promotional code CONNECT.

The latest stamp design. Credit: bpost

Every year, bpost issues a stamp on a social topic that’s in the news. This year's stamp is designed by Sassafras De Bruyn, a Ghent-based illustrator, known for her “Iedereen Beroemd” drawings on national TV.

Bpost already launched two similar initiatives during the Covid-driven year, during which hundreds of thousands of cards were sent, according to the company.

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