Up to 15,000 Russian soldiers dead in Ukraine, NATO says

Up to 15,000 Russian soldiers dead in Ukraine, NATO says
Credit: Peter Kovalev/TASS

Between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers have died in the invasion of Ukraine, according to NATO estimates. The figure is considerably higher than the 498 deaths that Moscow has officially confirmed.

These numbers are based on information provided by Ukrainian and Russian authorities, as well as independent intelligence services, a senior defence official said on Wednesday. He added that NATO also takes into account what Russia unwittingly discloses. “In war, mistakes are made,” he added.

A pro-Kremlin Russian tabloid newspaper, Komsomolskaja Pravda, published a report on Sunday saying that thousands of Russian soldiers had died fighting in Ukraine. The article, quoting the Russian Defence Ministry, reported that 9,861 soldiers had died since the start of the war, according to The Guardian.

That article has since disappeared, and a journalist from the outlet claimed at a Kremlin press conference that the site had been hacked.

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The New York Times reported that at least 7,000 Russian soldiers had died within the first 20 days of the war.

A more accurate estimation of the number of soldiers that have perished on each side remains impossible to obtain.

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