Minimum wage in Belgium goes up

Minimum wage in Belgium goes up
Credit: Belga

Belgium’s minimum wage will increase by 76.28 euros (before indexations) from the 1st of April, Belga News Agency reports.

This is the first phase of a four-phase minimum wage increase negotiated between the social unions and partners.

The idea was to increase the guaranteed average monthly minimum wage to 1,700 euros per month from the first phase. However, the actual increase will be higher due to various indexations, since the threshold index has been exceeded thrice since the Group of 10 agreement was signed.

As a result, the monthly minimum wage will amount to 1,806.16 euros from the 1st of April.

In each of the next two phases – January 2024 and 2026 – a gross increase of 35 euros will be applied.

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