Dry and mild spring weather for Easter weekend

Dry and mild spring weather for Easter weekend
Bois de la Cambre in Brussels. Credit: Ugo Realfonzo / The Brussels Times

Brussels will enjoy an Easter weekend of mild spring weather with extended periods of sun, dry conditions and higher temperatures during the day.

Thursday morning will be mostly dry, with the temperature in Brussels rising to 18 to 19°C. However, at night temperatures will drop to as low as 8°C. The northwest of Belgium may see some clouds and a few showers. By the coast, the highest temperature will be 14°C.

Friday morning may see the most clouds of the weekend in Brussels, as high pressure from the North Sea will lower humidity which can lead to the skies clouding over. The day will also begin with mist in the Northern regions.

Saturday is predicted to be sunny, with Brussels reaching highs of 17 or 18°C. Liège and the surrounding area in the south will also enjoy extended periods of sunshine even if temperatures are forecasted to be a little cooler.

On Sunday, it will stay dry and mostly sunny, while some clouds will appear. The temperature will stay around a comfortable 17 or 18°C in the centre and north of Belgium, while the south will see lower temperatures at around 12 to 13°C.

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