Train services to coast limited for spring weekends

Train services to coast limited for spring weekends
Credit: Belga

The number of trains available to transport people to the Belgian coast will be limited during five weekends in April and May as a result of planned construction works on the railway tracks.

Starting the weekend of 23 April, trains to and from the main coastal stations will be diverted or limited for five consecutive weekends, resulting in two out of four IC services between Ghent and Bruges being cancelled, according to a statement by SNCB, the national railway company, on Thursday.

Trains will be altered between the coast (Oostende, Knokke, Zeebrugge-Strand and Blankenberge), Bruges and Gent-Sint-Pieters due to planned works on the railway tracks, infrastructure manager Infrabel said. Replacement buses will run between Bruges, Aalter and Gent-Sint-Pieters stations.

Trains to the coast can be notoriously busy when the weather improves in Belgium, even when they are running at full capacity. SNCB already announced that, if it gets very busy on the line, people may be referred to another train or, in the worst case, will not be able to board any train.

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The works concern the construction of the third and fourth tracks between Ghent and Bruges. Works are expected to end on 22 May.

"The laying of two new tracks will improve access to the coastal region. In addition, several stations and their surroundings will be renovated on the same line," a statement read.

More information on the exact delays to expect can be found here.

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