Tax returns: Online platform for submissions opens today

Tax returns: Online platform for submissions opens today

The digital tax platform Tax-on-web will be active from this afternoon (Wednesday), allowing people to complete their annual tax returns online.

The platform will be live until 15 July, when the window will close to submit this year's tax returns and register income and expenditure for last year. The site is encrypted, meaning that all data are safe.

"This is a service we are continually trying to improve, and we are making great investments,"  a spokesperson for the FPS Finance said when announcing the activation of the platform. The FPS also warned of increased fraud attempts at this time of year and encouraged people to be extra vigilant.

Tweet translation: “The declaration period will start soon. During this period, be extra careful for fraud attempts (myminfin, ebox). To help you, we give you some tips.” For the minority of taxpayers who submit paper returns, the deadline will be 30 June. Those whose tax returns are submitted by an accountant have until 30 September, "which should give them time to service their clients in a timely manner." The tax declaration has become longer this year — it counts 839 codes, ten more than last year — to include overseas real estate among others.

How it works

To fill out your tax returns online, go to and log in to (or create) your account. The site offers to simplify the process by providing a "proposal for simplified declaration" that completes most of the tax return form automatically. But this should still be thoroughly checked. Taxpayers with a more complex profile (such as those with expenses that can be deducted) or for whom the tax authorities don't have all the data will have to complete the form themselves. At the end of the session, an estimate of the amount to be paid or claimed will be displayed (click "Calculate taxes" in the menu at the top of the page). Bear in mind that this is a simulation and the final calculation could differ.

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Since January this year, tax authorities have been deducting less from employees’ monthly wages, which is resulting in an average ‘increase’ of €128 per year in net salary, €209 in 2023 and €243 in 2024. However, taxpayers will receive smaller tax rebates. Tax returns can be saved for future editing. Once submitted, you will immediately receive a receipt. The completed declaration can be checked in the "My documents" section.

Need help?

The FPS stressed that help will be available to those who need: "It is an important point for our service to ensure that everyone gets the help they need." Physical appointments with FPS Finance staff were not possible during the pandemic. Instead, assistance was given by phone. Those who need help will now be called first and if the issue cannot be resolved, in-person appointments with an officer can be scheduled. People who received help in the past will receive a phone call with an offer for additional assistance. People who left Belgium last year or this year and are living abroad must file a "special declaration" on paper no later than three months after their departure.

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