AB InBev brings Ukrainian beer to Belgian market

AB InBev brings Ukrainian beer to Belgian market
Credit: AB InBev/Chernigivske

Belgian brewing giant AB InBev, owner of major Belgian beer brands Stella Artois, Jupiler, and Leffe (among others), will soon introduce popular Ukrainian beer Chernigivske to the Belgian market, according to a company press release.

All profits from the sales of the beer will be donated to charity.

AB InBev's Ukraine factories are currently closed down due to Russia’s invasion of the country. The international alcoholic beverage company will transfer production of the Ukrainian beer to its facility in Leuven, Flanders.

Chernigivske beer will appear on supermarket shelves in Colruyt, Carrefour, and Delhaize in mid-May. The beer will also be available in interested catering establishments. Chernigivske has already hit supermarket shelves in the United Kingdom.

Seal of approval

Chernigivske is the most popular beer in Ukraine, according to Ab InBev. The company plans to donate at least €5 million in sales of the beer to Ukrainian humanitarian aid organisations, such as Caritas International.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Ukrainian staff who relocated from Ukraine to Belgium at the outbreak of the war. Anna Rudenko, Marketing Director for Chernigivske, said that the initiative will help Ukrainians and offer a new experience for Belgian consumers.

“Chernigivske has been loved by many generations in Ukraine. I am very proud that we will now be selling the beer outside of the Ukrainian market,” Rudenko stated.

The cans of beer will feature a love heart in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and the motto “every can helps Ukraine humanitarian efforts.”

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“Belgian consumers will get to know our beloved beer and also contribute to humanitarian aid for Ukraine,” Rudenko said.

In a similar effort in April, Belgian brewer Brasserie de la Senne and popular brewing Ukrainian brewing collective Pravda Beer Theatre teamed up to produce “Schieve Kolos”, a beer of “struggle and hope.”

Pravda Beer Theatre had previously switched to producing molotov cocktails for the Ukrainian war effort. The Ukrainian beer will now be made in Brussels and sold in Belgium.

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