Over 90% of SNCB trains arrive on time, but cancellations up

Over 90% of SNCB trains arrive on time, but cancellations up
Credit: Pxhere

The punctuality of SNCB trains in Belgium has risen to above 90% in April, according to new statistics published on 5 May by Infrabel Open Data.

In total, 90.5% of trains arrived on time in April. The month prior, the punctuality of trains in Belgian’s rail network had dropped to an average of 89.9%, down from 91% in February and 93.6% in January.

Punctuality is still down from 2021. In April last year, trains were on time 93.9% of the time.

Credit: Infrabel Open Data

Trains arriving within 6 minutes of the scheduled arrival time are classified as having arrived “on time.” Those arriving after this period of time were classified as late.

According to a 2018 ranking, Belgium has the 16th most punctual rail service in Europe. The most punctual train service can be found in Estonia, where 99% of trains arrive on time.

Despite slightly improved punctuality on the Belgian network compared to last month, train cancellations still remain an issue.

Credit: Infrabel Open Data

More journeys were partially or completely cancelled compared to last year. In April 2022, 3,882 trains were cancelled (4.2% of total journeys.) In April 2021, just 1.8% of journeys faced cancellations.

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In the event of rail cancellations, SNCB states that it will arrange alternative transportation for stranded passengers. This is usually done by bus, shared taxi, or even individual taxi.

Under certain conditions, Belgium travellers can receive compensation for delayed trains. For delays of 60 minutes or more, most customers can receive flat-rate compensation for 100% of the price of their original ticket.

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