Strong climate policies: Workers ready to quit if employers do not have social impact

Strong climate policies: Workers ready to quit if employers do not have social impact
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Companies with a focus on sustainability and the environment have a strong head start in attracting talent in today's job market.

A survey from Belgian HR company Acerta showed that for six out of ten employees, the presence or absence of climate policies influences their choice of workplace. The survey polled over 2,000 workers.

Furthermore, almost one in five employees stated they are ready to leave their company or workplace if the latter doesn't do enough when it comes to climate-friendly policies.

There is a divide between what employees want and what managers think they want though. 79% of employees think it is very important their company takes action to fight climate change, while a previous survey from Acerta demonstrated that only 64% of managers think the issue is important for workers.

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Yet some employers have woken up and realised that climate-friendly policies can attract new talent, as 68.7% are convinced it would aid recruitment.

A sustainable lifestyle

Employees want their companies to help them adopt more sustainable lifestyles, according to the Acerta survey. 52 % of respondents wanted a contribution from their employer to take out an energy contract or buy green energy as a group.

45% of employers do not involve their employees in their organisation's climate policy, although 46% of respondents indicated that they would like more of a say.

It is younger workers between 18 and 35 in particular who want a say in the green choices made by their company.

Inclusive values

Companies are realising that they need to communicate strong green policies as well as inclusive values to attract new talent. For younger workers especially, it is not enough to work in a company just for a salary. This group of people want a positive impact through their work, so it is crucial for companies to offer employees an environment with values that are important to them.

Consultancies such EY, Deloitte, KPMG and PWC, also known as the Big Four, go out of their way display LGBTQ+ friendly polices as well as their commitment to flexible working and family friendly policies.

Similarly, tech companies such as Microsoft have donated over $2 million to organisations that support LGBTQ+ communities, while Google and Facebook's Meta offer parental leave for both parents, even in the US.

The world of work has changed and most employees do not expect to stay in the same job for the rest of their lives, unlike previous generations.

While previous generations honed in on the benefits of a salary, people now expect their workplaces to be in tune with more progressive values, informed by an urgent need to promote the wider benefits of having a social impact.

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