New night train from Brussels to Berlin and Prague postponed again

New night train from Brussels to Berlin and Prague postponed again
Credit: Belga

The new night trains from Brussels via Amsterdam to Berlin, Dresden and Prague will not yet be running this summer as expected, the Dutch-Belgian start-up European Sleeper announced on Tuesday.

Initially, the aim was to launch the night trains by spring 2022, which was postponed to "the beginning of summer." However, this target date will not be met either.

"Preparations are in full swing, but it is not possible to start the new Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague night train in the summer of 2022," the company announced on Twitter.

To avoid disappointment, the start-up is not putting a new start date forward for the time being. "We are working very hard to start as soon as possible. More news soon."

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European Sleeper is working together with the Czech railway company RegioJet for its nighttime connection, but the start-up is also working on other trains. "We see a lot of opportunities towards the south of Europe, but a train to Scandinavia also sounds promising."

Currently, just one night train is operating in Belgium, namely the NightJet of the Austrian railway company ÖBB runs between Brussels (via Liège and Germany) and the Austrian capital Vienna three times a week.

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