Nazi flags shock travellers in Antwerp station during film shoot

Nazi flags shock travellers in Antwerp station during film shoot
Credit: StationschefBMO / Twitter

Travellers and commuters passing through the train station in the centre of Antwerp on Wednesday morning were shocked to find nazi banners hanging from the walls in the main hall.

The station, famed for its impressive and grand entrance hall, has been transformed into a movie set. However, the station itself failed to efficiently communicate this.

This resulted in many travellers responding with shock to the casual placement of the flags with the highly charged swastika symbols, belonging to a regime that resulted in the death of millions of Jews and other minority groups.

Tweet translation: "Special decoration today (shooting of movie, don't worry)."

A movie is currently in production at the location of the roundups in Antwerp during World War II based on the book "Wil" by Flemish author and playwright Jeroen Olyslaegers.

The lack of explanation for the fact that the banners were placed for this reason also caused aggrieved responses on social media.

Tweet translation: "An image I never thought I would see. It appears to be a recording in the central station of Antwerp, a bit of explanation can never hurt... Respect for those who gave their lives so that we can now live in freedom."

National railway operator SNCB told Radio 2 that clear agreements were made with the crew about the Nazi flags.

"Stewards are required and there must be a message at every entrance to the hall that it concerns film recordings. It has also been agreed that Nazi symbols should not be visible when no filming is taking place."

The production crew has since assigned staff to distribute flyers to explain that a movie is being shot.

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