World Bike Day: Belgians increasingly bike to work

World Bike Day: Belgians increasingly bike to work

One in three workers in Belgium sometimes, often or always go to work by bike, Acerta HR company reported on Friday in a press release. A good result on World Bike Day (3 June), which celebrates cycling and highlights environmental benefits.

Moreover, the distance that Belgians cycle to work has increased. The most common distance to commute is five kilometres (29% of commutes by bike). Almost one in five (18%) workers travel more than 30 kilometres a day, an 11% rise compared to 2016.

"The success of the electric bike and bike leasing has undoubtedly contributed to Belgians cycling greater distances to work," explains Catherine Langenaeken, mobility expert at Acerta Consult.

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Acerta also looked into the popularity of electric bikes in different age groups. Electric bikes are most common among workers in their thirties (25,6%), closely followed by people in their forties (24.0%) and fifties (24.2%).

Cycling organisations will be applauding people who choose to travel by bike this Friday, and pushing for improvements to cycling infrastructure so that the popularity continues to grow.

"Good morning Melle!! Applause for all cyclists on #Worldbikeday" 

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