Yellow alert for thunderstorms and heavy rain

Yellow alert for thunderstorms and heavy rain
More heavy rain expected in Belgium as code yellow is issued. Credit: Pixabay

Saturday starts off sunny and warm, but thunderstorms and rain from France could change the course of the weather this weekend, with the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) placing Belgium on code 'yellow' when the storms begin.

On Saturday, there will be sunny periods alongside a formation of clouds, according to the RMI. The weather will overall remain dry, but there is a risk of a stormy downpour in the afternoon in the Ardennes.

Temperatures will reach between 19 or 20ºC by the sea, but could reach as much as 28ºC in the inner part of the country. There will be moderate winds from the northeast, while the Ardennes region will see weak to moderate winds from the east. The coast will experience a somewhat strong north-northeastern sea breeze during the day.

Yellow weather alert

The weather could change abruptly Saturday night, with a series of showers and thunderstorms from France. These storms can be severe with a lot of rain, although they will be short-lived. The temperature will drop to around 14 and 18ºC, and winds will be light to moderate from the east. The MRI has placed Belgium on alert for code yellow due to the expected changes.

On Sunday, clouds will travel from the south to the north of the country bringing with them showers and thunderstorms, particularly for the eastern part of Belgium. The afternoon and evening will be drier. Temperatures will range from 18 to 24ºC, with light to moderate winds.

A code yellow weather alert warns people to be aware of their surroundings due to severe weather conditions. It means people should plan ahead due to potential disruptions, but poses no immediate risk to the general population.

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