Heavy traffic expected as Belgians go on holiday

Heavy traffic expected as Belgians go on holiday
Credit: Belga

Roads towards to the south of Europe are likely to be very busy from next Saturday 2 July, warns VAB, the Belgian roadside assistance organization.

The high price of fuel does not seem to have discouraged people from using their cars to reach their vacation spot, they note.

The VAB expects severe traffic jams, mainly on next Saturday 2 July.

They therefore advise people to leave on another day instead, such as Sunday morning. For those who absolutely want to leave on Saturday, they recommend to do so later during the day.

A Friday start is also not a good idea to avoid traffic jams, according to VAB.

Finally, the organization also cautions against departing at night time, as the risk of accidents are greater then.

One in three accidents on the highways during the summer months are most often due to fatigue.

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