Lidl supermarket to start phasing out paper receipts

Lidl supermarket to start phasing out paper receipts
Credit: Lidl Belgium

Starting Monday, users of the Lidl Plus app will be able to opt to receive a digital receipt when doing their shopping as a way to phase out paper receipts.

In a press release Sunday, Lidl noted that this option will allow the chain to save 10 tonnes of paper per year that are usually used by Lidl Plus customers, equivalent to 247 trees.

“Our main objective is to pave the way towards more responsible consumption while combining it with an improved customer experience,” Julien Wathieu, spokesperson for Lidl Belgium, said in the release.

“The ability to digitise receipts allows our customers to store their purchase history securely and intuitively in the app while participating in our green initiative and actively supporting our commitment to long-term sustainability.”

Translation of tweet: "Phasing out the paper receipt has many benefits. In addition to saving 247 trees per year, our customer no longer runs the risk of losing or damaging the receipt that serves as a guarantee. Want to know more?"

The function will be introduced to customers with an invitation to automatically deactivate the receipt of paper receipts. Under the QR code that is presented and scanned at the cash desk, the customer can choose not to receive the ticket anymore. When this feature is checked, no more paper tickets will be issued by the system.

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Wathieu noted that currently the chain already issues 300,000 digital receipts through the app weekly in addition to the paper ones. This is a fifth of all receipts issued on a weekly basis, highlighting the extent to which the digitalisation of the receipts may impact paper consumption.

Delhaize introduced similar functionality to the MyDelhaize app earlier this year.

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