EU releases more than €14 million for food aid in Belgium

EU releases more than €14 million for food aid in Belgium
More and more Belgians flock to food banks due to high living costs. Credit: Belga

Belgium will receive €14.3 million euros in additional resources from the European recovery fund REACT-EU to support the increasing number of people in need of food aid, the European Commission announced today.

REACT-EU is the part of the large-scale European recovery plan that focuses specifically on the economic recovery of the regions, but that money can currently also be used to supplement the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD).

In this way, Belgium will receive €14.3 million euros to deliver food parcels to Ukrainian refugees in the country and to people who have difficulties affording food due to price increases.

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In addition, the Commission announced that the Brussels Region will receive €2.8 million euros from the European Social Fund in favour of the Ateliers for the Active Search for Work (AAZW).

Training and job guidance at those workshops should help 5,500 job seekers who were affected by the consequences of the corona crisis to find sustainable jobs.

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