Brussels Airlines cancels almost 700 flights in July and August

Brussels Airlines cancels almost 700 flights in July and August
Credit: Belga / James Arthur Gekiere

Brussels Airlines is cancelling another 527 extra flights in July and August, on top of the 148 that were already announced previously. The management of the airline company has opted to listen to trade union demands and relieve the high work pressure felt by the staff and cabin crew, De Morgen reports.

The airline announced on Monday that it will cancel more flights to meet the unions’ demand to reduce the workload. The airline will now cancel 675 flights during the two-month school holiday period, while initially only 148 flights were scheduled to be cancelled in July.

The board added that it was “commercially impossible” for them to make any more cancellations.

The management and the unions met on Monday after the three-day strike of 23, 24 and 25 June, as the staff complained that the workload was too heavy. “Today we are clearly meeting the demand of the unions. We hope to be able to rule out further actions definitively and to give our passengers a real guarantee,” the management said on Monday.

The number of cancelled flights in July and August totals about 6% of the Brussels Airlines flight schedule. The measures amount to a loss of revenue of €10 million, which is comparable to the first estimate of the loss as a result of the three-day strike.

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