Fatal accident on E313 motorway

Fatal accident on E313 motorway
Credit: Belga.

A fatal accident took place on Tuesday evening on the E313 in the direction of Hasselt, near Herentals, the city in the province of Antwerp.

Federal Police confirmed to Belga News Agency that two different accidents occurred on the E313 towards Hasselt.

According to VRT News, the first accident happened shortly before 21:00, when a car collided with a parked vehicle signalling roadworks on the motorway near Olen.

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Two people were injured in the collision and the motorway had to be closed due to the severe damage caused to both vehicles. Traffic heading to Hasselt had to be diverted via an emergency route.

30 minutes later, at the tail end of the traffic jam, a stationary car crashed into the back of a truck. The car driver, a 66 year-old man from Schilde, did not survive the impact, and Belga News Agency is reporting that he had probably noticed the initial traffic jam too late. The driver of the van was taken to hospital with injuries.

Due to both accidents, there were significant traffic jams for several hours on the motorway towards Hasselt, with it still being slowed down at around 23:15.

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