Warnings issued over contaminated Purina cat kibble

Warnings issued over contaminated Purina cat kibble
Credit: Kari Shea on Unsplash

According to the French government's consumer recall website, three cat food products manufactured by Purina have been recalled over fears that they may cause cats to become violently ill.

According to the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the pet food reportedly may cause violent diarrhoea, and even death, in some cats. Despite having been flagged by French authorities, the cat food products are still also on sale in pet stores in Belgium.

Purina’s Pro Plan Original Kitten 1-12 Months (chicken), Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Adults 1+ (salmon), and ONE Junior 1-12 months (chicken) have all been recalled from the manufacturer.

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The French recall site cites the presence of “residue (“2-CE”) from water treatment used by an ingredient supplier” as the source of contamination. The affected products were sold between November 2021 and April 2022, and do not expire until next year.

If pet-owners are using food manufactured in this period, they are advised to stop giving it to animals and throw away the cat food.

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