Right of reply from AB InBev

The Brussels Times has received the following right of reply from AB InBev in response to the article ‘At a loss’: AB InBev asks Ukrainian staff to leave accommodation.

We regret the publication in the Brussels Times dated 10 July 2022 which includes false information regarding the support of AB InBev to our Ukrainian colleagues and their families in Belgium. We can firmly state that no decision has been taken by AB InBev to end support by 31 August for our Ukrainian colleagues and their families currently residing in Belgium. As opposed to what is stated in your article, we will not “ask people to leave accommodation”, we will not “withdraw accommodation at the end of August”, we will not be “ending the offer of accommodation” and our Ukrainian colleagues and their families under our care will not have “no other choice than to return home”.

On the contrary, AB InBev communicated in June to the families staying under our care in Belgium that we will extend the accommodation we are currently offering to 31 August. We emphasize that no decision was taken to end this support after 31 August. This extension follows previous extension announcements we have made. The initial logistical and accommodation support that started in March was planned for 3 months and has been extended since then on a rolling basis. This was based on a continuous assessment of the conflict and conversations with the people who voiced a great need for clarity in the mid-long term.

It is unfortunate if this communication would have been interpreted differently, especially given all the aid we have provided to our employees. We went the extra mile for our colleagues and their families, avoiding uncertainties surrounding government aid initiatives. In order to reassure the people we currently accommodate, we communicated on 11 July we will already secure accommodation until at least December 31 2022.

In the meantime, we will continue to support any Ukrainian colleague or their family members to find a more permanent solution in cooperation with the relevant government bodies, taking into account their personal needs.

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