Standardised tests introduced for Dutch language learners

Standardised tests introduced for Dutch language learners
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Starting in September 2023, all adults enrolled in a Dutch learning course will take a standardised test, announced the Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts, on Tuesday. Currently, the test varies depending on the learning centre.

Approximately 26,000 persons integrating are following a course in “Dutch as a second language” at 113 locations in Flanders, Belga News Agency reports. Half of these are doing so voluntarily, while the other half are obliged to.

Currently, each Centre for Adult Education (CVO) and Ligo Centre for Basic Education (CBE) has its own training course and its own Dutch test. Creating a standardised test will ensure that the same language level is achieved across the board and the qualification has the same value everywhere.

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The test will be taken by everyone studying an NT2 course at CVO or CBE to achieve an A2 language level.

"A good basic knowledge of Dutch is the key to our society," Weyts said. "With this test, we offer a lever to everyone who wants to integrate into Flanders."


​​The new test will assess four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The test will be rolled out in two phases. From 1 September 2023, reading and writing will be tested in a standardised way. From 1 September 2024, speaking and listening standardised tests will be rolled out.

Also from September 2023, those registering for an NT2 course will have to pay a €180 fee.

However, an individual's final grade will not be entirely based on the test. The evaluation from the respective education centre will make up 40% of the language proficiency results.

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