Van Quickenborne replaces six ministers on vacation

Van Quickenborne replaces six ministers on vacation
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The Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne, certainly has his hands full this summer. Due to the holiday plans of six of the Federal Government’s ministers, Van Quickenborne holds six interim titles, according to Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.

In an amusing photo captured by the newspaper, the door to Van Quickenborne’s office is covered in sticky notes detailing his extra temporary positions.

On top of his positions as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, and Minister for the North Sea, Van Quickenborne now holds the titles of the Minister of Finance, Energy, Interior, Digitalisation, Civil Service, and even the role of the head of government.

Van Quickenborne has taken over from Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in the duties of head of state while he visits the United States with his family. He will hold this role until 14 August. As Van Quickenborne is covering the position of Deputy Prime Minister, he was automatically selected to become the interim Prime Minister.

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This is nothing unusual, as ministers often cover positions while their colleagues are on holiday. Ministers typically do not launch any new initiatives while covering positions, instead simply holding down the fort and signing invoices.

Van Quickenborne is replacing Secretary of State Mathieu Michel until 14 August, Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter until 31 July, Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem until 31 July, Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden until 31 July, and Minister of Energy Tinne Van der Straeten until 31 July.

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