Belgian monarchy costs €3.3 million more because of inflation

Belgian monarchy costs €3.3 million more because of inflation
The Belgian Royal Family. Credit: Belga

It seems that no household is spared the impact of inflation, with even the royal family impacted. As a result, King Philippe, former King Albert, Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid are due to receive a "wage" indexation.

This will mean that Belgium's royal family will cost €3.3 million more than last year (for the first time passing the €40 million per year mark), reported Het Laatste Nieuws.

King Philip's budget for 2022 will increase from €12,776,00 to €13,228,000. This is a €703,000 increase since 2021 (+5.6%) according to figures from the website of the House in the budget of 2022.

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Other members of the royal family will also have enlarged budgets, although not by as much. King Albert will receive an additional €35,000, Laurent will receive €11,000 more and Astrid €12,000 more. The 'surcharge' for Albert now amounts to €55,000 (+5.6%), €18,000 for Laurent (+5.5%), and €19,000 for Astrid (+5.5%).

In total, the Belgian monarchy receives €40,687,000. Initially, the House provided a budget of €37,356,000 for the royal family this year. It is unclear if there will be further wage indexations.

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