Monkeypox: Confirmed cases stand at 546 in Belgium

Monkeypox: Confirmed cases stand at 546 in Belgium
Distinctive swellings caused by monkeypox infection. Credit: Belga

As of 8 August, 546 confirmed cases of Monkeypox have been reported by regional administrations in Belgium, Sciensano said on Tuesday in its latest update on the epidemiological situation.

Flanders reported 304 cases (56%), 187 were reported in Brussels (34%) and 55 in Wallonia (10%). All cases for which the gender is known are males aged 16 to 71.

Symptom information was available for 484 individuals (89%). Almost all (96%) had skin lesions, mainly in the anal-genital area. About 66% had general symptoms such as fever or general malaise and 30% swollen lymph nodes.

Twenty-eight of the 455 people (9%) for whom the information is known were hospitalised, 21 due to treatment (one had an underlying immune disorder), two because home isolation was not possible, and five for whom the reason was unknown.

There have been no deaths.

Based on current data on presumed transmission, the virus appears to be transmitted mainly through sexual contact between men (94%). Less than a quarter (119, 28%) of all cases were able to identify a specific contact with another confirmed case. Sexual contact in a private context was mentioned most often (48%).

About one in six persons had attended a major event in Belgium or abroad where there had been sexual contact. Sex saunas or other places facilitating sexual contact were identified by 94 men (24%).

Participation in a party or other activity without sexual intercourse was reported for 24 people (6%).

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