Petrol prices to decrease

Petrol prices to decrease
Credit: Belga

The maximum prices of petrol and diesel at the pump will go down from Thursday, according to the Economic Affairs Department.

The maximum prices per litre for the 95 RON E5 and 95 RON E10 grades of gas will now be €1.8230 (-€0.084) and €1.7710 (-€0.036) respectively.

For the 98 RON E5 and 98 RON E10 grades, the maximum prices will be €1.9620 (-€0.123) and €1.9000 per liter (-€0.147 euro).

For B7 diesel, the new ceiling is €1.9320 per litre (-€0.015), while it will be €1.9050 (-€0.005 euro) for B10 diesel.

On the other hand, the price of diesel fuel (heating application) will now increase by +€0.0411), moving up to €1.1991 per litre for less than 2,000 litres and €1.1672 per liter (+ €0.0411) for orders of 2,000 litres or more.

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