Belgian Restos du Cœur launch appeal for school materials

Belgian Restos du Cœur launch appeal for school materials
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The Belgian Federation of Restos du Cœur, a network of organisations run by a French food charity which distributes food packages and hot meals to those in need, has launched an appeal for donations to supply school material kits to at least 3,280 children.

“The start of the 2022 school year is fast approaching and 3,280 children are waiting for a school supply kit – an increase of 30% compared to the start of the 2021 school year,” a press release states.

Restos du Cœur primarily provides hot meals to those in need. The organisation served 670,000 meals in 2019, 1,084,000 meals in 2020 and 1,350,871 meals in 2021. Last year, public donations allowed the charity to purchase and distribute 2,543 school supply kits across the country.

According to the charity, the needs of children are particularly acute this year as a result of economic pressures. Rapidly rising inflation, which reached 9.65% in Belgium in June, has drastically increased the cost of living for vulnerable families. Many Belgian families are now struggling to make ends meet, even missing meals to save money.

The price of school supplies has increased drastically, rising by 20%. For many families, these high prices are simply too much to cope with.

“Families who until now managed to ‘get by’, even with some difficulty at the end of the month, can't anymore. They need help to feed, clothe, care for, and buy school materials for their children.”

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Those wishing to make a donation can send funds to BE44 2400 3333 3345, along with the reference “Rentrée 2022”, or make a payment online through the charity's digital payment platform.

Donors can also directly purchase one of six different “kits” through the charity’s website or even choose individual school materials that they would like to donate. For donations worth more than €40, it is possible to ask for a donation certificate, allowing for tax deductions of up to 45%.

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