Get to know bats in Brussels

Get to know bats in Brussels
Credit: Belga.

For those interested in learning more about bats, Brussels Environment and Natagora are organising five nocturnal events in celebration of the 26th edition of European Bat Night from August 20 to September 3.

People will be able to learn about the 20 different species of bats that live in the capital during five events from August 20 to September 3.

This is part of a larger campaign to raise public awareness about the issues facing bats, of which there are 20 different species in the capital.

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This includes, but is not limited to, light pollution and the widespread use of pesticides and insecticides.

Furthermore, as bats are natural insecticides and can consume up to half their body weight in insects, they are valuable biodiversity allies.

To that end, Brussels Environment and Natagora have developed underground lodgings that are inaccessible to the public and have installed LED lighting that is less disruptive to wildlife than traditional streetlights.

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