Working from home this winter can cause steeper energy bills

Working from home this winter can cause steeper energy bills
Credit: Pixabay.

With energy bills getting more and more expensive, those choosing to work from home this winter will likely have a higher price to pay, with an increase of between €22 and €34 expected per month.

While teleworking has always led to increased energy consumption, due to the skyrocketing energy prices since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, people working from home can expect an even higher energy bill this winter than during the first winter of Covid-19.

Wikipower, a firm striving to make energy more affordable for Belgian households and companies, has provided data on the price increases that individuals working from home may expect this winter. 

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To this end, they used three parameters: the power supply of a laptop, lighting and heating.

With a laptop consuming an average of 40 kWh/month, three LED light bulbs using 3.2 kWh/month, and increasing the temperature of a room by 3°C results in additional consumption of 30 kWh/month.

As a result, energy prices for those working from home in Wallonia will rise by €22 to €31, in Brussels by €24 to €34, and in Flanders by €21 to €29, all per month

Furthermore, we can notice some minor regional differences: the teleworker from Wallonia who uses electric heating will have his bill rise by €32 per month, and €22 in the case of gas heating, with those in Brussels paying €34 more per month for electric heating, and €24 for gas heating.

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