Queen Elizabeth II has passed, latest updates

Queen Elizabeth II has passed, latest updates
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On Thursday afternoon, it was announced that the United Kingdom's longest-reigning monarch Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had died at Balmoral castle, in the presence of her family members.

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Flags hung at half mast at NATO HQ in Brussels – 16:18

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, alongside US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, has confirmed that all flags have been hung at half mast at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen had visited the alliance's headquarters on numerous occasions and invited various heads of state and government from NATO countries to Buckingham Palace.

Bank of England postpones its monetary policy meeting – 14:26

Originally due to be published on Thursday amid a surge in the inflation levels of the UK, the Bank have delayed it by a week in response to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"Given the period of national mourning in the UK, the September meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee has been delayed by a week. The decision will be announced on 22 September at 12:00 (GMT)," said a statement from the Bank on Friday.

Belgian PM signs book of condolence at British Embassy – 14:24

Credit: Belga.

The Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has written a text in the book of condolence that has been put in place at the British Embassy of Brussels.

In his text, he wrote on behalf of the Belgian Federal Government and praised the Queen as "a beacon of calm and stability" and "an example of reconciliation and dignity."

King Charles III to address the British at 19:00 (CET) – 14:06

Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House of Commons, announced to parliament that King Charles III will address Britons for the first time at 18:00 local time (19:00 CET) since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

As a result, Hoyle also declared that the parliamentary session in tribute to the recently deceased sovereign would be suspended  "while His Majesty the King addresses the nation."

King Charles III on route to London – 12:57

King Charles III has left Balmoral Castle to go to London, where he will address his countrymen on Friday evening following the death of his mother.

Charles and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, left by car from the estate towards Aberdeen airport, according to pictures taken by British media.

They are flying back to London, where King Charles III has an audience with the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss and her government. This will then be followed by his first speech as king.

According to reports, only Charles and his sister Princess Anne were with Queen Elizabeth II when she passed.

English football postpones this weekend's matches – 12:34

The English Premier League as well the lower divisions of the English Football League are postponing all games scheduled for this weekend after the Queen's passing.

'Not a day' to talk about becoming a republic, says Australian PM – 11:16

While some were calling for an end to the monarchy in Australia as soon as the passing of Queen Elizabeth II was announced, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said that "today is not a day for politics."

As the Australian Greens party leader Adam Bandt called for the country to become a republic after tweeting his condolences to the Royal Family, the Prime Minister has, for now, reneged on his past republicanism in an interview given to Radio National.

"Today we pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth's service as head of state over these 70 years and we thank her for her dedication and contribution to Australia," Albanse stated.

This is not the first time that the idea of no longer being under the Queen's reign has been discussed in Australian politics, as the public was summoned to vote in a referendum on the subject in 1999, with 54.87% of Australian electors voting to keep the monarchy in place.

'Mandela and the Queen were on first-name basis' – 10:28

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has shared stories of the close relationship between the former South African President and Queen Elizabeth II.

According to the Foundation, they were on a first-name basis and would frequently speak on the phone.

He also gave the Queen the nickname "Motlalepula", which means "come with the rain", during a state visit to South Africa in 1995, due to the Queen arriving when torrential rain covered the country.

Furthermore, Mandela took great pleasure in "reminding his British guests that South Africa had thrown off the colonial yoke," in the final years of his life.

British Embassy in Brussels opens book of condolence – 09:23

The British Embassy in Brussels has announced on Twitter that they have opened a book of condolence for people wishing to pay their respects to the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The book will be open from Friday 9 September until this weekend between 09:00 and 18:00 and then onwards every working day until the day of her funeral.

Filming of the sixth season of 'The Crown' halted in tribute to the Queen - 08:22

The team behind Netflix's hit show "The Crown" which retells the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II has decided to postpone filming of their sixth season, in memory of the recently deceased sovereign.

With a fifth season due in November that focuses on the most turbulent decade of the Queen's reign: the 1990s, Peter Morgan, the head writer of the series, announced the postponement stating that they were "going to take a break out of respect."

The show has been on our screens since 2016 and has proved to be extremely popular with audiences, but has also faced criticism for allegedly distorting the truth surrounding the Royal Family.

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