Ministry of Defence sets sights on record recruitment in 2023

Ministry of Defence sets sights on record recruitment in 2023
Credit: Belga.

With thousands of miltary personnel due to retire in the upcoming years, Belgium's Ministry of Defence hopes to fill a record number of posts next year.

Following the announcement of increased spending in the defence budget as well as research and development, the Ministry of Defence is now aiming to recruit 4,200 more personnel next year.

This will include 2,500 servicemen in 2023 ( the same amount as in 2022) as well as an additional 1,250 soldiers and sailors, 950 non-commissioned officers, and 300 officers.

The ministry is also looking to recruit 760 extra civilians (one hundred more than in 2022), as well as 950 reserve soldiers.

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Federal Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder (PS) told reporters that their recruitment process is running "at full speed" as the department searches for new talent.

Dedonder took the opportunity to express her joy at the increased number of applicants – there were 18% more candidates for the army and navy. There are also now 2,463 female candidates, which accounts for 10.3% of all prospective army members.

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