Doel 3 nuclear reactor soon to be shut down forever

Doel 3 nuclear reactor soon to be shut down forever
Doel. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Doel 3 nuclear reactor is going to be shut down on 23 September as planned, with L'Echo reporting that the dismantling would make it impossible for a future restart of the reactor, as some had hoped.

The French-speaking newspapers stated that the Board of Directors of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control and the Scientific Council for Ionising Radiation had approved the Doel 3 nuclear reactor's cessation of operations plan presented by Engie on Friday.

Furthermore, preliminary works on the reactors' shutdown, such as the chemical cleaning of the primary circuit, have also been approved by competent authorities.

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As a result, this means that it will be unlikely, perhaps even impossible, for Doel 3 to be reactivated at a later date, much to the chagrin of those hoping for a further nuclear extension.

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