Belgians commuting by car as much as before pandemic

Belgians commuting by car as much as before pandemic
Many motorists are unaware that passage lanes have to be created. Credit: Belga

Nearly six in ten employees use a car to get to work; the same as before the Covid-19 crisis, when people had to work from home. This is the result of research commissioned by HR service provider Tempo-Team in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Anja Van den Broeck, work motivation expert at KU Leuven.

The survey looked at the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on commuting, job stress and how to improve the commute for employees. Almost half of the employees surveyed use their own car for commuting, and 12% have a company car.

In addition to the car, the (electric) bicycle or scooter (19%), public transport (13%) and on foot (7%) are the most popular ways to get to the workplace.

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A better connection between home and workplace, a higher contribution from employers for green cars or less congested public transport could motivate employees to make a more sustainable choice for their commute.

Many employees travel to and from work for more than an hour every day.

“Our research shows that the longer employees are on the road, the less job satisfaction, motivation and engagement they have. While the commute is not always ideal for some, it also brings a number of benefits, such as the disconnection from work and private life”, says Wim Van der Linden, spokesperson at Tempo-Team.

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