Business accessibility is top priority for young jobseekers, Forem finds

Business accessibility is top priority for young jobseekers, Forem finds
Credit: Belga

The accessibility of a company and its working atmosphere are two important priorities for young people entering the labour market, The Walloon Office for Vocational Training and Employment, Forem, said in a press release on Monday.

Forem polled more than 1,100 young people under 30 on their expectations of an employer. Access to the workplace (8.4/10); the working atmosphere (8.3); the human values of the company (8.3) and its solidity/stability (8) were the four criteria that the survey's respondents listed as most important when applying for a job.

Salary prospects (7.7) came in fifth but were more favoured by respondents aged 24 and over and were more important in the medium-term outlook, noted Forem.

Opportunities for advancement within the company (7.6) completed the top six.

When the young people were asked what motivated them to apply for a specific position, three elements stood out: the fact that the contract was indefinite (8.2); the possibility of training (8.2) and the content of the function (7.7), Forem noted further.

Looking ahead to the next five years, a quarter of respondents would like to have a good financial situation in the medium term. One in five would like to be passionate about their work, while just over 10% would like to have a stable professional situation.

More than six out of ten companies that responded to the survey indicated that they had recruited a young person under 30 who had left school over the past 12 months, Forem noted.

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