Why has Belgium got so cold recently?

Why has Belgium got so cold recently?
Credit: Belga.

The sudden dip in temperatures felt in Belgium and France is due to chilly winds descending from the British Isles onto our shores, French meteorologists explain.

Even if 21 September marks the first day of Autumn, most Belgians heading into work last week will still have been surprised by just how cold it is all of a sudden.

In the capital, those already having to contend with public transport being disrupted due to Wednesday's strike also had to choose between a scarf and a beanie when heading out, as temperatures had dropped to 7°C. Thursday morning wasn't much warmer.

This week's temperatures are a stark contrast to the fairly mild conditions last week, leaving many pondering if the cold has come round earlier this year.

'Contrasting temperatures from week to week'

The sudden cold was also felt in France these past days. A regional paper in the southwestern of the country, La Dépêche, investigated the matter.

They spoke to Tristan Amm, a meteorologist at Météo France, asking him to explain whether this was going to be the new norm, and what the sudden drop in temperature was due to.

Amm explained that this is not abnormal and that at this time of year "masses of cold, dry air from the British Isles is something that we often see in all seasons."

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All the same, the meteorologist did say that the contrast in temperatures is remarkable although "no (minimum or maximum) records will be broken."

Amm stated that Autumn can often bring "marked weekly contrasts in temperatures."

Forecast for the end of the week 

Will the cold weather continue? Belgium's Royal Meteorological Institute forecasts a slight rise in temperature. While Thursday morning started off cold, the day has become increasingly sunny, reaching a maximum of 20°C in the centre of the country.

On Friday, Belgium will remain dry but clouds will become thicker. In the south, temperatures will reach a maximum of 15°C, and 19°C to 20°C in the west of the country.

On Saturday however, there will be a chance of rain in the north of the country, with strong winds. The maximum temperature will vary between 15°C and 19°C.

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