Bozar sells 'cans of culture' in vending machines and with Deliveroo

Bozar sells 'cans of culture' in vending machines and with Deliveroo
Credit: Bozar / Digizik

To coincide with the start of the new cultural season, the Brussels Center for Fine Arts is launching the ‘Bozar Market’. For two weeks, Bozar will sell cans with culture tickets via a vending machine or via meal courier service Deliveroo.

The culture can, which looks just like a soda can, contains a duo ticket for concerts, exhibitions, films or literature evenings. The cans are also collectables that were specially made for the Bozar Market.

The cans are for sale in two ways: via a vending machine in the courtyards of the Grand Hospice, the socio-cultural project in Brussels' Rue du Grand Hospice, or via Deliveroo's platform, from which they will be delivered by Deliveroo within a radius of four kilometres from the centre.

A choice of culture categories

The choice for culture lovers is large; therefore, the cans are divided into three major categories.

‘Discover’ includes events for those who come to discover Bozar for the first time. ‘Dare’ responds to the spectators' curiosity, who sometimes like a slightly different surprise. Finally, ‘Deep Dive’ is for those who hunger for deeper experiences and emotions.

Each can of culture explains which performance you will see. The tickets can be downloaded via a unique QR code inside the can. The promotion will run from 22 September until October 7.

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