Main suspect in murder of 4-year-old gets favourable regime

Main suspect in murder of 4-year-old gets favourable regime
Dave De Kock and the four-year-old boy Dean. Credit: Belga

Dave De Kock (35), the main suspect in the murder of 4-year-old Dean Verberckmoes, has been given a favourable regime in Bruges prison. He is allowed to do all kinds of chores there and his cell door is open much more often than that of other inmates.

De Kock has been given this position of trust troubles many other prisoners, Het Laatste Nieuws heard from several sources.

De Kock's new position is officially called section servant - in prison jargon: 'fatik'. Het Laatste Nieuws reported that he is allowed to perform domestic tasks, such as the distribution of coffee and food, and becomes a kind of assistant to the jailers.

He was given this position by the prison administration, for whom he acts as a confidant. Inmates who behave in an exemplary manner are usually chosen for such a role. He is also paid for his housekeeping duties in Bruges prison, but it is not a lot of money: a section officer earns 180 euros a month.

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The thirty-something from Sint-Gillis-Waas is on remand on suspicion of the murder and abduction of 4-year-old Dean Verberckmoes. Dean was the son of an acquaintance of De Kock and his girlfriend Romy W., who is also in jail. His body was found among rocks on the Dutch coast.

De Kock was also previously convicted of the death of a child in 2010.

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