Fast e-bikes on track for record sales in 2022

Fast e-bikes on track for record sales in 2022
Credit: Belga

Sales of fast e-bikes, both new and used, continue to grow, with the number of new ones registered in September increasing by over 70% compared to the corresponding period last year, mobility federation Traxio reported on Thursday.

Dealers expect to end 2022 with a record number of sales, the federation said.

In September 2022, 1,767 fast pedelecs were sold, a 73.4% increase on September 2021. Total sales in the first nine months of the year amounted to 13,484 units, a 38.7% increase. As a result, we already exceed total new registrations for 2021," Traxio spokesman Filip Rylant said.

The success of speed pedelecs is also evident in the second-hand segment. “In September 2022, 600 second-hand fast electric bikes were registered, bringing the market to 4,491 units, a 114.1% increase over 2021,” Rylant said. "Many speed pedelecs have therefore begun a second life, seeing their use extended."

Speed pedelecs have the most fans in Flanders, which accounts for 95% of sales, with 12,846 units purchased. Brussels (270 units) and Wallonia (368 units) occupy the remaining 5% of the market.

Over the first nine months of the year, almost half of all sales (49.8%) corresponded to private purchases, but leasing, which now occupies just over a third of the market (36.9%), is gaining in popularity, notes Traxio.

Direct purchases by companies are increasing less rapidly, accounting for 13.3% of the market.

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