Limit on rent indexation in Brussels finally being discussed in regional parliament

Limit on rent indexation in Brussels finally being discussed in regional parliament
Credit: Siska Gremmelprez/Belga.

On Friday, the Brussels Parliament is discussing how the indexation of rents, thanks to an initiative being pushed forward by the region's French-speaking socialists.

With many tenants in the capital fearing having their rents indexed due to the country's rampant inflation, the Brussels Government is looking to pass an ordinance modifying the Brussels Housing Code.

After internally debating the best way to cap rent indexation since the summer, in September the Regional Government decided to link the limitation to energy consumption.

However, Ridouane Chahid, leader of the parliamentary French-speaking Socialist Party (PS) group, tabled a motion for the government's proposal to be discussed urgently and voted on in parliament – done in accordance with the other parties of the governing majority.

Translation of tweet: "An 11% increase in rent increase is like a 13th month for tenants! To this, socialists say NO! The urgent treatment and response to our text today in the Brussels Parliament must be a priority for the legitimate concerns of tenants."

Furthermore, Chahid stated that the proposal could come into effect before an upcoming budgetary agreement, so that tenants whose leases are set to end soon will also be able to benefit from the initiative.

Proposed changes

If implemented, the ordinance would aim to combat rises in both rent and energy bills. Several outlets have reported that the indexation will be based on residences' energy performance certificate (EPB).

Homes in categories A, B, C, and D, which are the least energy-intensive, will be fully indexed, while rents in category E will only be indexed by 50%. Rents in buildings in categories F and G that utilise the greatest amount of energy will not be indexed however.

To that end, the parliamentary housing committee convened over lunchtime to discuss the proposal, which is being in Brussels Parliament on Friday afternoon.

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