Amazon online store launches in Belgium

Amazon online store launches in Belgium
Credit: The Brussels Times

Amazon launched the Belgian version of its online shop on Tuesday with more than 180 million products on sale, reported the US giant in a press release, despite wide held worries about their work practices.

Amazon, who in 2021 made over $1 billion in tax credits in Europe because of its operating losses, is further investing and expanding its operations on the continent with a new Belgian website.

Amazon is not a new concept in Belgium. Over 1,000 Belgian companies already sell their products via the international website. However, until now, Belgians have had to order from webshops in other countries such as France, the Netherlands or Germany, all of which have been established for a few years. Today, a specific site for the Belgian market has been launched with

"After months of preparation, we are really proud to open the virtual doors to the all-new," Eva, Amazon’s manager for Belgium said in a press release. "We’ll serve our customers in Belgium better with a local, multi-language shopping experience, as well as Prime membership, and delight them with a vast selection of international and local Belgian brands just in time for the holiday season."

Amazon was unable to use the recognised domain name of its other webshops (, for example) as '' is owned by Amazon Insurance, an agent of the insurer Baloise Insurance.

"We are confident that customers will find us," Faict told local media.

Empowering local Belgian businesses

In recent weeks, Amazon has been trying to get Belgian SMEs on board with offering their products via the new site. Through a 'Brands of Belgium' page, Amazon gives them their own space.

On the page dedicated to local Belgian businesses, Amazon is launching with more than 100 Belgian businesses to give Belgian customers access to thousands readily-available products.

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More efficient delivery options

The products in the Belgian Amazon shop are mainly delivered from neighbouring countries France and Germany, essentially following the same operation as before, but with a new Belgian website now to show for it.

In Antwerp, the company has a delivery centre for the region, from which independent couriers depart. Beyond Antwerp, Amazon works with bpost for deliveries, despite fears earlier this year that it would drop the contract.

Any opposition?

However there are many who are worried about the expansion of Amazon's activities, given their status as a monopoly for the delivery market and ongoing concerns over its labour practices.

For example, various European outlets reported that they did not pay any corporation tax in its Luxembourg headquarters for 2021.

In Belgium especially, this may pose an issue as Comeos, the federation for trade and services, asked the Federal Government to tax companies like Amazon to support Belgian businesses in distress.

Furthermore, Amazon do not support the unionisation of their workers, despite the importance of trade unions within Belgian civil society, so much so that the Federal Minister Meryame Kitir met with representatives from the US' first union of Amazon workers.

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