Flemish Government to provide €2 million for cheaper holidays

Flemish Government to provide €2 million for cheaper holidays
Credit: Kurt Desplenter/Belga.

The Flemish Government announced in parliament that they would be allocating €2 million to provide those living under the poverty line discounts from select suppliers of day trips and subsequent accommodation.

Due to so-called discount quotas within the tourism sector, the measure had enabled households living below the poverty level to go on vacation for a cheaper rate.

However, the pandemic had put its future at danger until the Flemish government decided to purchase the discounts themselves and distributed them to families in order to maintain a suitably diverse holiday offer.

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The government will now contribute €2 million to further fund the initiative, although firms in the tourist sector will also have to play their part. In responses, the Flemish MP Cathy Coudyser (N-VA) praised the €2 million set aside as “after evaluation, the instrument has clearly proven its usefulness.”

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